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  • 05, 04, 2019
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We are a Czech company that celebrated 20 years anniversary in the production of a delicious scoop, but also a draft ice cream. Especially in the hot days, our ice cream will be pleasantly cooled and the mood and unpleasant warmth will be lifted. Just equip your household with this frozen delicacy.
We would like to offer you especially for summer days pleasantly creamy ice cream, but also little sweet fruit sorbets, which are delivered to the stand either as a frozen or dry powdered mixture. Our selection is really wide and we also count on a very demanding clientelou. We're ready for everyone.
Quality and originality
We belong exclusively to Czech producers, we are not dealers. We offer our own Czech ice creams, which we produce using our original recipes, and thus we will get our ice cream to get a full, bold, creamy taste with proper consistency. Compared to our competition, we offer only original and quality frozen products.