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Reasons Not To Leave the Tree Stump In Your Property

When you notice any signs of deceased, damaged, or hanging branches that may cause significant safety risks, it is essential that you eliminate them. It is advisable to immediately remove the stump once you cut the tree so that you do not expose yourself and other people to environmental hazards. If you let the professionals deal with the stump, they will first evaluate it and know the right procedures to use such digging, grinding, burning or using chemicals for a good outcome.

Although the stump left behind can eventually decompose, it can be a slow process that can attract several pests. The overcrowding of different pests around the tree, such as the carpenter ants and termites, can lead to an infestation in your home as they will look for other breeding places.

When you leave the remains of the cut tree, there is a high possibility of different varieties of a tree growing on them. Plants that grow on the stump can be stubborn varieties which require much effort to eliminate such as using harsh chemicals which are dangerous to other trees. Not only will the stump support other plants, but it will also provide proper nutrients for fungi like mushrooms which does not appear attractive in a compound, and they can also poison your pets.

If you are eliminating a tree for safety purposes, it is essential to altogether remove the stump for everyone to stay safe. The stumps are one of the leading tripping hazards in most homes, and they can easily hurt the kids and other people. The presence of the stump makes it challenging to maintain the lawns as any contact with the lawnmowers can lead to damage.

Sometimes later, you might want to sell your home, and if you want to get the best offers, you should begin dealing with a stump to make it more attractive. The removed stump provides a perfect space to be creative with other good-looking features such as growing a new tree, creating a flower bed, or installing a picnic table.

Even after cutting the trees, the roots will continue to grow, and that can cause significant environmental impact. The spreading roots can easily interfere with the pipes, sidewalks, or the home foundation when they are not managed on time.

Although you might have the option of removing the stump by yourself and it is always essential to hire tree removal experts. When you hire professional arborists, they will take the shortest time to remove a stump as they will have more advanced tools, and you will also receive the best prices.

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