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Essential Information You Need to Know about Fiber Photometry

Fiber photometry is a singer fiber light source which enables you to record from several neurons without adding complication kind of spatial information. Fiber photometry cannot be used unless the fluorescent sensors such as dopamine and calcium indicators are first shown at the area of interest. The expression of fluorescent fiber in their areas of interest will then be followed by the activities of optical fiber which is used to make the sensor excited and also at the same time detecting the resulting fluorescence

Besides, prefer not to use a long optical cable on the head of a freely moving animal as this can lead to some problems. The choice of the long cable can make the animal not interact appropriately, or prevent movement in the areas having excursive chairs or shelters. Additionally, if chosen to be used together with video tracking systems, these capabilities can lead to objects. Meanwhile, sometimes the cable might continue to swing whereas the animal has stopped to move, and thus it might be difficult for the software to detect freezing behavior. However, if you want to end all these problems, choose to have the components placed on a head stage. Some of the benefits of using fiber photometry areas outlined below.

Choose to use fiber photometry because it results to reduced weight on the head of the animal, as electrons wot be mounted on its head. When using a fiber photometry, there will be no heat loss from the body of an animal, because the electrons which could be mounted on the head, are the ones that lead to production of heat. More so this techniques is cost-effective as it demands simple setting of photometry, having fiber and its amount, suitable bandpass filters as well as detector which aren’t more expensive. Additionally, there is fast acquisition rate because the analogue outputs and photodiode can be digitized.

Additionally, with fiber photometry, the sensitivity becomes high to where it counts for even a single photon. This is because the signals are chosen from a large volume, making it possible for detecting low activity levels. Also, Choose to have fiber photometry because they can be customized into various forms such as painting and tethering for the purpose of achieving different qualities of geometrical and fiber. Choose to have a fiber photometry because it uses fewer fibers compared to other methods of implant usage, which typically make the method to be less invasive. Besides, even though thinner fibers can as well be sued, the chances are, the recording area will be compromised or else lead to having low signal levels.

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