Sofas on Wheels

  • 05, 04, 2019
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Who wouldn't know…
Seating Kit

Who wouldn't know… Sofa Set alias seat, this is something like a family putty. Do you think I just slap my liver? Oh, no! Do you think I've been insane? Again, mistake! Just imagine how many common moments you have spent on her as a family. There will surely be a great many…
Seating Kit

You realize that? That's all right. Just remember… The seating set could have witnessed the first kisser of your children or, conversely, the first consolation of the painful gauge. There is certainly a lot of situations and piles of memories that are involved in this piece of furniture.
Joy and worry

Joys and worries, both are often present. As you can see, the sofa could have witnessed the first worries and the first pleasures of your children and you themselves. Perhaps even so occasionally with a little nostalgia we remember the old pieces of furniture that we have already given away…