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Family Law 101: Child Custody, Visitation, and Other Issues

It’s hard to start a family if your foundation is weak. In family more than just the stability reflected in your financial account as a couple, you also need to be stable in terms of your mental dexterity and emotional stability. If you seek a harmonious life with your children and spouse, you must be equipped and guarded to handle feud and possible issues that may arise within your marriage and family.

But sometimes, some things just won’t work out. Some things break and crumble not because you have not tried your best, but because it wasn’t meant to last. The common problem of every average family all-over the world is divorce or legal separation. There are different and valid factors why couples result to break up and divorce, one of which is infidelity. Other aspects touch personal incapability and abnormalities like psychological issues, violence, and aggressive nature. If it already abuses you, if it already harms your own mental state, you must learn how to protect yourself and opt for a divorce.

Divorce is just a part of the complex problem. When you filed for a legal separation against your partner on the grounds of, say, infidelity, one thing that you need to figure out and answer is the custody of your child. You are less bothered and problematic if you haven’t had a child yet or if your children are old enough or in their right age to sustain themselves, so they can be out from your narrative. But for parents with children aging from 1 – 12 years old, child custody is a big issue to talk inside a divorce agreement.

Who gets whom? Who can have the privilege and the right to keep their children or child? How can you win your child’s custody? If you are the mother, usually you take an upper-hand because automatically mother gets the custody right of their child during a divorce, however, this can be subject for a contest if it is proven that you as a mother is not mentally or emotionally equipped to raise a child, or of the mother has no financial independence to cater and live up to a child’s demands for education and proper shelter and nourishment. You can be the mother and lose your privilege if you fail in some aspects necessary to raise a child.

How are you going to ensure you do not lose a privilege? As a father, how are you going to make sure that you will not lose your privilege for visitation for your children? Besides, one conflict that always raises issues is the issue of child support. You need a better lawyer to get the necessary support and monetary assistance you need for your child. All of these things will be heard and actively tackled during your divorce trial or during your case trial for child support and custody. It is better to come with a solution and answer – find your efficient lawyer and win your case so you won’t lose the privilege to your child.

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