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The Most Credible Cancer Screening Kit for Pet Dogs

As similar to their human parents, pet dogs also have the possibility to develop cancer diseases due to stress and some other factors. Medical studies have shown that one of the leading causes of death to dogs is cancer, especially the ones who have already prime years or over the age of ten. As similar to the human species, the dogs also have a lot of different types of cancer, but most of these types are actually curable or can be cured as long as they are screened and diagnosed early. Some of the most common types of dog cancer based on the statements of licensed veterinarians include the mast cell tumors, which are defined as immune cells that can cause or trigger allergies to dogs; the hemangiosarcoma, which is described to be an incurable tumor of cells that can be found on their blood vessels; the testicular cancer, which is very common to dogs who have retained testes; the melanoma, which is very common to canines or dogs who have dark skin; the mouth and nose cancer, but such mostly occurs or forms on the mouth of the dogs; the squamous cell carcinomas, which can be found commonly on the nail beds of their toes and in their mouth; the malignant histiocytosis, which is very common to large-sized sport breeds; the mammary carcinoma, which is very common to females, especially the ones who are identified as non-spayed; the bladder cancer; the brain tumors; the osteosarcoma, which is identified as the primary type of bone cancer for canines; and lastly, is the lymphoma, which primarily affects their lymph nodes.

Diagnostic procedures and screening tests are definitely the best options to determine the presence and the development of cancer diseases on humans, and that goes with our beloved pets, as well. Most of the human parents are quite having a hard time to determine if their dog is sick, or feels sad, stressed, or depressed. Fortunately, there are some canine lovers who wanted to help out their fellow pet owners and have developed products that can help them out in diagnosing any early symptoms of dog cancer. This particular product that the said company has developed basically functions as a cancer screening and diagnostic kit for dogs. Their products basically work by checking and measuring the molecular stress of the dog and that can be found on their DNA. Based on the studies and research made by the said developer, they actually found out that by measuring the molecular stress of the dog’s DNA, it can definitely predict the occurrence and the development of dog cancer in an accurate manner. Their product can be used by the dog owners at home, and it is designed to be a needle-free test kit. The said company is also offering the people, especially the ones who are still in doubt, with a sample kit on a discounted price. Their test kit is very easy to use by all dog owners, and the said company also assures their customers that their product is very effective when it comes to analyzing the overall molecular stress level of their favorite pets.

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